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You'll find most of the answers to your questions below. If there's anything else, please contact us directly and we'll be happy to help.


I’ve never worked with a furniture designer - how does this work?

Not a problem! It’s probably much easier than you may think. We schedule a phone call to discuss your project – what you want to accomplish, intentions you are trying to achieve. In addition, we’ll discuss the function of the furniture piece, your style preferences, timetables, any current designs & drawings. Once we’ve established how we can help we’ll construct a project brief including all requirements discussed on the phone. Furthermore, we’ll use this brief to begin our design process. Read more of our FAQs to learn about how we work.

What exactly is bespoke furniture design?

Bespoke furniture design, in short, is furniture that is designed and crafted just for you. As such instead of buying off-the-shelf or standard design furniture, our bespoke furniture design will add a truly unique touch to the perfect space. We’ll design your masterpiece from scratch and oversee the construction of your project from start to finish. Whether you’re familiar with the process or a complete beginner, we’re here to help and guide you through the process. We like to make things easy, as such, you’re guaranteed a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Do you offer custom options?

Yes. All of our products are made to order and all available options are displayed on the specific product page. If you have any other requirements, please contact us and we will be happy to accommodate any requests where possible. We have links with a variety of suppliers and as such we’re almost always able to accommodate all requests.

What if I decide I don’t want everything custom?

No problem. We work with many clients who prefer to use combinations of materials, designs and finishes that we’ve tried and tested.

Just a little insider’s tip: custom doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive. Don’t forget, the beautiful high-end stores mark up their items too! Regardless of what route you go, we will help you accomplish the look and feel you want.

Do you have a particular style?

Our style is about making your furniture functional, comfortable and a positive enhancement of your atmosphere. We design furniture that reflects your individual or commercial style in a practical manner and we pride ourselves on doing so. If we had to pick a speciality, we’d have to go with industrial-style, due to our extensive experience.

Hybrid Furniture

WHAT ABOUT YOUR PROJECT?Project related questions

How long does it take?

Each project is different – from a simple one-off construction to an ongoing commercial contract supply and as such, timing can vary quite significantly. However, we know how important your project is to you and that’s why we make our timescales clear, on an individual basis, when we have our initial consultation. If you have any deadline, we address that at the very beginning and therefore we can work with you.

Can I use your services on a commercial scale?

Of course. With over 30 years’ experience in commercial furniture, we actively encourage all tradespeople and business owners to contact us regarding all furniture requirements. We have some fantastic deals and savings when purchasing in bulk and consequently we can accommodate commercial furniture contracts too.

Will I recover the investment I put into bespoke commercial furniture?

Our view is simple: if you look after your business, your business will look after you. By investing in bespoke commercial furniture, you will be capturing the full attention of any given audience and the care for such details rarely goes unnoticed by your clients. After all, it’s the first impressions that count and consequently, you’re likely to make a good one.

What do your services cost?

We’ll assess your needs and furthermore, we will provide you options that best suit your individual project requirements. This applies to all phases of service that we offer. Each quote we provide is based on each project individually, therefore this gives us the ability to offer our clients a much fairer solution.

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes. The initial consultation is an important part of the project for both you and us, as such we certainly don’t expect you to pay for it. In addition, our experts will be happy to talk through your project requirements and produce a proposal that has been specifically tailored for your project’s each and every need.

STILL HAVING DOUBTS?Usual questions from our clients

  • Clients
  • Payment
  • Location
  • Delivery

Who are your typical clients?

As we cater to both the domestic and commercial markets, our typical customer can vary. We help families enhance their new home by designing unique tables & chairs, along with helping business owners to create the perfect commercial furniture sets to set them apart from their competitors.

We communicate with you on your own level, as such we have the ability to guide newcomers in both markets, as well as the experts, through the process to create great pieces of practical furniture. No matter what level you’re at, we are always happy to speak with you about any requirements you may have.

When do I have to pay?

Our pricing policy is simple. We require a 50% deposit to be paid upon satisfactory completion of the final designs and once timescales have been agreed, in addition, the remaining 50% is to be paid within the 30-day invoice period, issued on the date of delivery or collection.

We like to be flexible where possible, therefore if you are placing a larger order we may be able to negotiate special terms.

Where will my furniture be made?

All construction work is carried out in our professional workshop located in Overton-on-Dee, near Wrexham, Wales and as such, we’re able to give all projects the attention and finest work we can.

Do I have to collect the finished pieces?

We have 3 options available when it comes to transporting your finished masterpiece:

  1. We can provide a courier service, as such we can deliver anywhere in the UK.
  2. For smaller, local orders we can deliver the product ourselves, as such there may be a reduced fee
  3. You can collect the finished items from our workshop, located in Overton-on-Dee.

All delivery options are subject to an additional charge – but we’ll discuss that with you when we first speak.

Let’s work together.
One of the reasons we became furniture designers in the first place was because we love interacting with clients, designing masterpieces on paper and then putting it all together. If you're looking for high-quality, bespoke furniture for domestic or commercial purposes, contact one of our experts today.
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